We know you have options when it comes to choosing a residential treatment program. That’s why we’ve worked hard to assemble nothing but the best in our leadership team, staff, philosophy, programs and payment options. Count on ARAD for the following:

A History of Success

A small group of dedicated and concerned people established ARAD-Amarillo Recovery from Alcohol and Drugs in 2007. Encouraged by the generosity of many local benefactors, an outpatient treatment center for people living in shelters began operating in 2013.

Today, that successful program has served hundreds and made a measurable difference:

  • 68% of the program’s clients stay to graduation
  • Of the 70% of clients able to be reached two months after graduation, 99% are sober
  • Arrests after treatment were reduced by 87%
  • Hospitalizations declined by 12% after treatment

Building on that success, ARAD opened a 30-day residential treatment program in January 2018.  The program offers affordable, personalized, comprehensive and holistic treatment to those struggling with substance use disorders. ARAD serves individuals and families from the Amarillo area and beyond.

A World-Class Leadership Team

Our clinical director is Martha D. Burkett, MPA, LPC, NCC, CAADC, ACS, ADS, who moved to Amarillo in 2017 to help open ARAD’s residential treatment center. Nationally recognized in the helping field, Martha has 25 years of experience in counseling centers and substance misuse programs across the country. She joins us from Virginia, where she was the Substance Abuse Section Head at the United States Marine Corps headquarters, directing the program for the Marines worldwide. Martha is the driving force behind ARAD’s holistic approach to treatment and its extensive and personalized programming options.

ARAD’s Co-Medical Directors are James Avery Rush, IV, MD, and Michael D. Jenkins, MD. Dr. Rush is a board-certified psychiatrist with more than a decade of experience in treating psychiatric disorders, including drug and alcohol addiction. Dr. Jenkins is board-certified in Psychiatry and Addiction and is the Regional Chair of the Neuropsychiatry Department at Texas Tech University School of Medicine, where he is also a faculty member.

A Compassion-Based Approach

ARAD is staffed with a highly credentialed clinical team and supported by skilled and dedicated paraprofessionals and volunteers who are deeply knowledgeable about recovery. With two licensed counselors for every 16 clients, plus countless compassionate and highly-trained supporting staff members, individualized support and attention is always available. Our team is driven by a non-judgmental philosophy and a belief in human resilience.

Personalized, Holistic Treatment Options

Cutting-edge education on treatment modalities. Insightful individual therapy sessions to explore the root causes of each client’s substance use disorder. Supportive group therapy sessions for meaningful self-discovery and community connection. Access to natural interventions like yoga, exercise, massage and art and music therapy. Our programming options are seemingly limitless, allowing clients to explore a full spectrum of support and treatment modalities as they create the personalized program that is right for them. We also provide programming for family members and loved ones, and a full array of recreational and group activities. We understand that the best approach is one that shines a light on every aspect of the client’s life, and we’ve created a holistic collection of state-of-the-art resources to do just that.

Flexible Insurance and Payment Options

Everybody deserves treatment and recovery. That’s why we provide an array of payment options that are accessible, sensitive and tailored to individual needs. Speak to us about a payment plan or enjoy significant discounts for full payment up front. We are not beholden to insurance companies or their restraints, which means they do not determine what type of care our clients can receive or how long they can stay. ARAD will assist with paperwork for insurance reimbursement, and also will accept cash, money order and credit card payments.

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