At ARAD, we believe that people are resilient, and that with proper education, treatment and support from our highly skilled and dedicated treatment team, recovery can become real, both for individuals who have been misusing substances and for those closest to them.

Human beings are vulnerable to life’s ups and downs; for some people, the use of substances and other mood-altering behaviors becomes a way to cope, which eventually causes pain and heartache for individuals, families and communities. Like a stone dropped into a lake, the ripples caused by substance misuse travel outward, washing over others.

ARAD recognizes that individuals who struggle with substance use disorders are not “bad” people, but human beings who are suffering from treatable physiological conditions. We’re dedicated to helping residents achieve total health and wellness while in care and providing them with skills and tools that will support longevity in sobriety and a healthy, balanced lifestyle far beyond residential care. Let us help you make recovery real.

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