In February 2013, ARAD began providing free 30-day drug and alcohol addiction treatment to the sheltered homeless population in the Amarillo area. Individuals stay at shelters that partner with ARAD to help clients remain sober during their treatment.

On weekdays, clients are transported to our treatment facility for a full day of education and a free lunch. Our treatment program incorporates the 12-step approach, and clients are taken to Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in the evenings.

Space is available for 16 clients at a time, and clients can enter the treatment program at any time space is available. ARAD was created to complement – not duplicate – drug and alcohol treatment/recovery programs in Amarillo. Our program is licensed by the State of Texas.

The founder of ARAD is Perry Gilmore, PhD., a former leader in the Amarillo Police Department and current ARAD chief executive officer. Working as a patrol officer, narcotics agent and detective supervisor, Dr. Gilmore saw how drugs and alcohol impact the lives of those with substance use disorders, their family and friends, and others in the community. He watched as people who misused substances cycled through the criminal justice system continually, so he gathered research and support for a local solution.

What Dr. Gilmore found was that indigents seeking treatment must sometimes wait 30 to 60 days for a treatment bed, usually in a distant Texas city; then arrange for transportation within a day or two, all while remaining motivated to undergo treatment. These barriers prevent many from getting the help they need.

By partnering with shelters that are committed to helping clients stay sober during treatment, the ARAD shelter program makes getting a fresh start more attainable for the local homeless population.

The Shelter Program has proven to change lives and save public money. Having served more than 500 clients, the program is making a measurable difference for the area.

  • 68 percent of the program’s homeless clients stay to graduation.
  • Of the 70 percent of clients able to be reached two months after graduation, 99 percent are sober.

In addition, the Shelter Program has saved a great deal of public money over the years.

  • ARAD graduates reduced their arrests after treatment by 87 percent.
  • Hospitalizations declined by 12 percent.

ARAD was founded on the belief that every person deserves a chance at a new start, and the shelter program carries out that ideal.

For more information, please go to www.aradshelterprogram.org

ARAD Community Partners

Another Chance House

Central Church of Christ

Domestic Violence Shelter

Downtown Women’s Center

Faith City Mission

Family Support Services

Martha’s Home

Men’s Alcohol Recovery Center

Texas Panhandle Centers

Salvation Army

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