We understand that substance misuse treatment and recovery options are not one-size-fits-all. That’s why one of our goals is to provide a holistic approach to recovery with a full spectrum of evidence-based, targeted programming that can be tailored to the needs of each individual or family member. From intake to aftercare, our programs help build a community network of people to provide expertise and become supportive resources.

Our personalized, client-centered care plans begin with a guided focus group at 8 a.m. and continues until lights out at 10 p.m., with scheduled mealtimes and breaks. Within that window, our programs include the following.


Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to recovery. Our educational programs are designed to help clients understand the factors involved in substance misuse in a way that will remove the self-blame and arm them with the information they’ll need to move forward with recovery. Our educational programs include:

  • Introductions to Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous, as well as alternative recovery systems of support, such as Celebrate Recovery, Rational Recovery and other non-traditional practices and sources of support. Different recovery programs speak to different individuals, so we aim to provide a comprehensive understanding of every option and allow our clients to make an informed choice to personalize their own treatment plan.
  • Up-to-the-minute education about the physiology of substance misuse – One of the best ways to understand the blameless nature of substance misuse is to explore the disease on a physiological level. Research in substance use disorders is an evolving field, so we stay on top of new information and relay it in an accessible, empowering way.
  • Access to the computer center -- We offer scheduled technology privileges per individual counselor discretion for researching homework assignments, seeking employment or engaging in other recovery-related activities.
  • Structured educational therapy and support programs for family and friends – Our clients are not the only people who are impacted by substance misuse. We also offer programming for family, friends and loved ones to help frame an understanding of the substance use disorder and provide loved ones with tools that aid in recovery and growth.

Self-Exploration and Healing

For some people, substance misuse is a way to cope. Whether there are factors in the past, current feelings or situations, or specific settings and triggers that perpetuate the cycle of substance misuse, we can help our clients identify, address and heal their personal pain. As clients undergo this journey, they may participate in the following programs:

  • Group and individual therapy – Both of these options are designed to address the underlying issues related to substance misuse and other destructive patterns. Individual therapy can be used to explore challenging events or feelings and develop healthy coping strategies. Group therapy offers deep connections and the powerful knowledge that nobody is alone in their recovery, allowing clients to relate to one another, support each other and share breakthroughs or strategies.
  • Access to psychiatric and other medical care – Our two medical directors — both board certified in this field — are available to our residents, as needed.
  • Exposure to natural coping interventions – Our holistic approach to treatment includes nutritional education, meditation, Reiki, yoga, massage, animal-assisted therapy, art, music and auricular acupuncture.
  • Transportation to local church services – Spiritual health can be an important part of recovery for many people, and we provide access to church services for clients who would like to worship with others in the community.

Social Activities

Social and recreational activities are an important part of the recovery process, allowing people to explore healthy coping mechanisms and build community. Clients are given plenty of opportunities to take time for self-care, make new connections, discover a new hobby or just have fun. Our programming includes:

  • Group activities like cooking, gardening, volleyball and supervised group outings to local attractions
  • Exercise facilities and personalized fitness programs designed and led by certified fitness instructors
  • Community spaces equipped with ping pong and pool tables, board games, cards, musical instruments, art supplies and big screen TVs for use during free time

Care at ARAD includes evening and weekend education and support for loved ones in individual, couple and group formats. Our clients enjoy child-friendly visitation time on the weekends, and off-site visits with family may be authorized on a case-by-case basis.

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