There are many roads to recovery, and you may be wondering if an inpatient treatment center is the right option for you. If you’re like many people suffering from substance use disorders, you may even be wondering if you really need treatment at all. We’re here to help.

While the choice to pursue substance use disorder treatment is a deeply personal one, there are a few questions to ask yourself to determine whether you should seek treatment:

  • Is my substance use affecting my career, relationships or other facets of my life?
  • Is my substance use affecting people I love negatively?
  • Am I unable to stop using these substances even though I would like to?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, then it’s probably time to look into treatment.

Once you’ve decided to get help, it’s important to think about what kind of program would help you the most. At ARAD, we offer a 30-day, inpatient treatment program based in up-to-the-minute research and substance use treatment best practices. Our program is only offered in an inpatient format because we believe it’s one of the most efficient ways to help people recover from substance use disorders and learn mechanisms to help them stay abstinent after treatment.

Not sure whether we’re the best treatment center for your needs? Get in touch with us today to talk with a member of our counseling team to find out if inpatient treatment at ARAD is a good fit for you.

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