Substance use disorders do not simply impact the person affected. Family members and significant others also feel the weight of the emotional, social and financial toll. If your loved one is suffering from substance misuse, you may be undergoing a range of emotions that are confusing and often conflicting: love, anger, despair, compassion, frustration, anxiety and sympathy. This is okay. You are multi-faceted and human, capable of holding many feelings at the same time about a complicated disorder. Our goal is to help you unpack these feelings while adding one more to your experience moving forward: hope.

Our family programs will help you explore the nature of substance misuse as it relates to your loved one and to understand the facets of this disorder. You will learn how to support your loved one moving forward and maximize the chances of their successful lifetime recovery. That said, you are not the final arbiter of their substance misuse, nor is it your fault. You can provide your loved one the space to take their journey to recovery, but they must take the steps.

Finally, as you focus on your loved one’s healing, it is important to remember your own. You may feel like you have spent months or even years consumed by someone else’s needs, and we can help you re-examine yourself and address your own set of complex needs in the healing process. Our family programs are designed to give you the tools to help your loved one while reviving the art of self-care.

Learn more about your loved one’s recovery process at ARAD by checking out our What to Expect page or reading up on our programs. Celebrate your loved one’s first step, and allow yourself to rediscover hope.


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