One of the biggest parts of recovery is learning: how to accept your new normal, how to forgive yourself and others, how to plan for a future of recovery. Because of this, a cornerstone of our treatment program is education. Residents take part in a variety of educational seminars during their stay with us, with topics including:

  • Stages of change and recovery readiness
  • Examining trust and integrity
  • Making friends with the past
  • Renegotiating relationships in recovery
  • Creating a new vision for the future
  • Setting limits and boundaries in recovery
  • Intentional communication
  • Signs and Symptoms of Relapse
  • Money as a trigger
  • Stress management
  • Sober parenting

Our staff is equipped with up-to-the-minute research and best practices for treating substance use disorders, and our educational seminars are designed to empower residents with information that can help them plan for life after treatment and stay sober for the long term. For people suffering from substance use disorders, life in recovery can be completely different than life before treatment, so our program is built to provide tools for coping with the major changes that recovery can bring.

Our educational component focuses on many different topics to help residents prepare for a life of recovery. One series of topics we find particularly important, though, is our “Dealing with…” series. In these talks, we focus on various emotions and circumstances, from success, rejection and failure to grief, sorrow and happiness. The goal of this series is to equip residents with tools to handle whatever life throws at them during recovery, while staying sober.

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