For clients who would like to incorporate their Christian faith in their treatment plan, we offer optional programming focused on Christian teachings and using faith to make recovery real. Clients can participate in Bible study classes to read scripture related to recovery, attend 12-step programs to improve their lives and relationships with others, and go to community church services to worship with other believers.

Our Christian programming for recovery from substance use disorders can give clients the freedom to learn more about:

  • Scriptural forgiveness and its healing power
  • Christian faith and its relationship to recovery
  • God’s endless power to help individuals find long-term recovery
  • Scripture’s directives for relationships

Personalized Care Plans for Faith

At ARAD, every client receives a customized and personalized care plan tailored to their unique needs and desires. Clients who would like to participate in a more Christ-centered 12-step program can also participate in Celebrate Recovery, which is based on the words of Jesus to help those with a substance use disorder find lasting recovery. Beyond Bible study classes and Celebrate Recovery, we offer transportation to local church services and opportunities to meet with local pastors to help clients grow in their faith while staying at our treatment center. We also offer a variety of other recovery activities that can help clients tap into their spiritual side, from meditation and gardening to music and animal-assisted therapy. Clients also have structured free time, which can be used to further experience the freedom that Jesus provides in recovery.

To learn more about any of our treatment options, contact us today.

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