For clients interested in incorporating Christian faith throughout their treatment plan, Celebrate Recovery is an alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous that uses biblical truths to lead the 12 steps of recovery. Throughout the recovery process, Celebrate Recovery works to show members the loving power of Jesus and the hope our savior provides to those who are hurting. At the core of this program is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and members are encouraged to deepen their relationship with him as they begin their recovery.

Celebrate Recovery programs across the country have six important things in common:

  1. The program must be a Christ-centered ministry, recognizing Jesus Christ as the only higher power.
  2. Only the Bible and Celebrate Recovery curriculum are used, and the eight recovery principles and Scriptures must be key points of lessons.
  3. Ministries are group-based and follow “The Five Small Group Guidelines” each time.
  4. Celebrate Recovery meetings must be face-to-face, rather than online.
  5. Groups are accountable to Jesus Christ, their church and the model of Celebrate Recovery.
  6. Celebrate Recovery programs are ministries of local churches.

Christian Substance Use Disorder Treatment Center

We’re proud to offer our clients a variety of options to suit their spiritual needs. In addition to the Celebrate Recovery program, treatment plans can include Bible study, transportation to local churches and structured free time to further explore faith and recovery. To learn more, read about our programs or contact us.

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