Established in 2007 in Amarillo, Texas, ARAD — Amarillo Recovery from Alcohol and Drugs — was born out of a research-backed, unwavering belief that with effective treatment, recovery from substance misuse is possible. The nonprofit quickly grew, and in 2013, we expanded our impact by opening an outpatient treatment center for those living in local shelters. Building on the success of that program, ARAD now operates its Comprehensive Treatment and Recovery Center in a beautiful, spacious building in the Amarillo medical complex.

Driven by the same mission we started with – to become leaders in education, treatment and healing – we now open our doors to anyone who has been impacted by the struggle to fight substance misuse alone. Our programs are designed to bring affordable, personalized, comprehensive and holistic treatment options to people seeking recovery from substance use disorders and related behavioral health issues. We provide the tools that clients and their families need to experience successful, long-term recovery.

Located in peaceful, sunny Amarillo, Texas, ARAD serves individuals and families from Amarillo and beyond. Our residential treatment center is licensed as a Substance Abuse Treatment Facility in the State of Texas. We care about privacy and maintain strict adherence to HIPAA rules and regulations regarding confidentiality, and we work with both clients and families to address their needs with sensitivity.

Amarillo Recovery from Alcohol and Drugs Founder Perry Gilmore

Our Founder – Perry Gilmore, Ph.D.

Dr. Perry Gilmore is the founder, Board President and CEO of ARAD. Dr. Gilmore has an MBA, an MA in Psychology and a PhD in Psychology. He retired from the Amarillo Police Department after 36 years of service to create ARAD’s Comprehensive Residential Treatment Center. In 2017, he was awarded the Spirit of Philanthropy award by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Texas Plains Chapter, for his work in creating ARAD. Dr. Gilmore was appointed to the Texas Crime Stoppers Council by Governor Greg Abbott and serves as its Council Vice-Chair.

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