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Substance misuse doesn’t discriminate. It can impact people of any age, gender or race, from a full range of backgrounds and all walks of life. So why should treatment for substance use disorders be any less multifaceted than the diverse, unique and resilient people who decide they’re ready to begin their recovery journey? At ARAD, we believe in the strength of the individual to achieve full freedom from substance misuse when guided by the proper education, treatment and support. That’s why we work so hard to provide individualized treatment programs to each and every person who walks through our doors, tailored to personal needs, challenges and goals. Our compassionate, highly-trained staff understands that while substance misuse is a fully mendable physiological condition, different people benefit from different courses of treatment. Let us guide you in discovering the treatment program that is right for you and give you the tools to achieve long-term recovery and success. Recovery is possible. Recovery is real. We can help.


Are you ready to make a change? Find out if ARAD can provide you the help you're looking for.

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If you're looking for help for a loved one struggling with addiction, we can help you find answers.

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Keep up your recovery with on-going resources from ARAD. We're here to help you stay substance free.

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Offer your patients an opportunity at a second chance with a referral to our residential treatment center.

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Our Clinical Director Talks About ARAD’s Personalized Program

In this video, ARAD Director of Comprehensive Treatment and Recovery Services Martha Burkett talks about the program’s philosophy of treatment and hope for recovery. Clients and their families can learn what to expect and how ARAD’s program makes recovery real with a personalized approach to each individual’s needs.

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